I illustrate and design 
to reveal what is hidden, 
to inform what is not known, 
to distill what is already available, 
to clarify value, 
to engage people's mind, 
to narrate local stories, 
to challenge people's perception, 
to delight and most of all to solve problem.

I value
and creativity.

I cherish
my friends who had kept me grounded,
clients who had given me a chance when I was a novice,
people who appreciate my quirkiness and unusual perspective of life,
most of all, God.


2013-Finalist- Embracing our differences" use art and creative writing as a catalyst to promote ideas of diversity and inclusion and to teach the lesson of standing up against hatred and prejudice. Florida, USA

2013: Selected for exhibition at  the Mary Poppins Inspired Fan Art Contest at 2013 Disney D23 Expo. Burbank, California, USA.

2013 : Exhibited under United Nation Headquarter,  Water Conservation year, New York. USA